Washing & Folding

Washing & Folding

Price : ₹75 per Kg.

Being a leading laundry services provider, we use both immersive and technologically advanced cleaning processes to make the difference to your clothes. We follow the world-class premium laundry process and do your laundry in a timely and trustworthy manner. Besides washing clothes safely and efficiently, we also fold your clothes with perfection and return them timely.

We at Lavender ensure deep cleaning of your clothes by using globally standard cleaning solutions and machines. Be it your designer dress, grimy napkins and towels or filthy curtains and bedsheets, we treat all your clothes with the utmost care and take the burden off you. Being a customer-oriented organisation, we provide affordable yet premium laundry and fold services in Jaipur and bring back ultra-clean and finely folded clothes which are as good as new.

Being a leading laundry services provider, we aim to deliver superior quality laundry services and hassle-free door-to-door pick-up and delivery. That has helped us acquire a strong customer base and capture the trust of a large segment. Schedule pick-up of your laundry with us and enjoy the freshness of Lavender in your lifestyle.

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